Summer Girl’s Trip 2018

For the last 15 years, Desert Christian High School has offered junior and senior girls a two-week summer trip to California. The trip is actually an interdisciplinary program where cross-curricular learning is fostered outside of the classroom. Among the disciplines incorporated into the trip are biology, oceanography, comparative worldview, history, economics, art, climatology, ecology, cultural diversity, stewardship, and conservation.

Students who embark on this trip go to the source of learning, where they live, breathe, and thrive in an interdisciplinary learning environment. In addition, and perhaps the most important of all, students come to know God, the creator of this earth through experience, interactions, fellowship, and mentorship.

Rather than an itinerary, a “tool box” of ideas, events, and places to see is arranged. Each day is an adventure. No day is pre planned. There is one item that has a special, permanent place in the toolbox, however. John Steinbeck’s, Log from the Sea of Cortez, is the inspiration for this program. Students are asked to read it before the trip so as to understand the meaning of authentic learning and exploration.

We’d like to share with you some of our treasured moments from this year’s trip. These images were taken on the days we spent at Catalina Island. Most of us snorkeled, but two of the chaperones and one student is a certified diver. They brought back pictures, and video, of the deep!

In this picture, our lead chaperone, who happens to be a certified master diver, and who also started the girl’s trip program 15 years ago, is briefing our student diver.


Preparing the hair for underwater adventures….






Other, professional divers, who chartered the boat with us. Diving is serious business!




Our little school bus was the perfect home away from home. She brought us to and from events, stored all our food, played movies to keep us entertained on the long California freeways, provided a safe place to get to know one another, and nurtured quite, reflective moments.

Hearst Castle was an awesome experience. Here we learned a great deal about American history, enterprise, and the power of hard work and perseverance.

Our view two evenings in a row. There’s nothing like watching the sunset from a boat and then falling asleep to the rocking of the water.




A baseball game, complete with hot dogs!





Coffee break for the girls.






Coffee break for the chaperones.







Tide pooling,





and some good, ‘ole fashioned, reflection time.

Can’t wait for next year!

Historic Triangle Trip!

This February I chaperoned a trip to the Historic Triangle in Virginia with two other teachers. The three of us enjoyed the company of nine students from our high school, Desert Christian, in Tucson, AZ. This trip was orchestrated by one of our seniors for her capstone project. All seniors must complete a capstone project that either gives back to the community or is beneficial to the school or its students before they can graduate.

For this capstone project, the goal was simple: take Desert students on a field trip of a lifetime where they will learn about our nation’s origins while also discovering God’s providence and engaging in meaningful fellowship. The Historic Triangle includes Jamestown, where the English first established a permanent settlement and thus, the first capital of Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg, the second capital of Virginia and first major “city,” and Yorktown, the last major engagement of the Revolutionary War and where the British surrendered to the Patriots. Here is a larger map to include the current capital of Virginia, Richmond.

The 12 of us spent seven days exploring these three historic areas, even throwing in a quick jaunt around William and Mary College. We spent our nights at an Air B&B, ate family style meals around a great table, shared life stories and participated in many shenanigans.

This is a trip none of us will ever forget. We learned, we laughed, we played, we sang, we explored and we shared of ourselves. I am grateful to have been asked to come along on this journey with some of the most amazing people! Below is a 6-minute video of our trip.