About & Contact Mrs. Thomas

Welcome to The History of Humanity!

I am currently in my fourth year as a secondary education teacher at Desert Christian Schools in Tucson, AZ. Classes taught include: US History, American Government, Mock Trial, Psychology, and Photography. My mission statement is simple: prepare the stewards of the future to be global citizens by teaching them the events of the past.

I have a passion for history, I delight in the energy and creativity of high school students, and I cherish personality and cultural differences in my classroom. If we hope to educate our youth, we must ignite a desire to learn within them!

Current Certifications/Awards

  • M.A in History and Education
  • B.S. in Secondary Education and Social Studies
  • ACSI Standard Certificate
  • Georgia Induction Certificate
  • 2018/19 Teacher of the Year

Other Current Involvement:

  • Panel Member for 2019 School Accreditation Process (Standard 5: Academics)
  • Standard Leadership Team Member for 2019/20 School-Wide Reevaluation of Standards


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