About & Contact Mrs. Thomas

Welcome to The History of Humanity!

I am currently in my fourth year as a secondary education teacher at Desert Christian Schools in Tucson, AZ. Classes taught include: US History, Government, Mock Trial, Psychology, and Photography.

I have a passion for history and I delight in the energy, critical thinking, and creativity of high school students! It is my belief that:

  • excellence in education is a life-long process
  • quality teaching means facilitating learning in a student-centered atmosphere
  • students learn best in a safe (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) environment
  • project-based learning encourages a love of learning
  • summative assessments should not be a one-time, high stakes test
  • the key to classroom management is established student/teacher trust
  • education should not be constrained to four walls
  • asking meaningful and relatable essential questions is vital to classroom engagement
  • there are countless types of learners and therefore, learning styles
  • it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach according to the unique learning needs of every student
  • a 4-point grading scale is superior to a traditional, 100-point grading scale
  • standards-based teaching and grading is the only way to truly be able to assess whether a learner knows, understands, and can do something content related
  • cross-curriculum fosters collaboration among teacher colleagues and therefore, positive professional development
  • cross-curriculum reduces student/teacher workload and offers both the ability to see how all concepts interconnect

Current Certifications/Awards

  • M.A in History and Education
  • B.S. in Secondary Education and Social Studies
  • Arizona Teacher Certificate
  • ACSI Standard Certificate
  • Georgia Induction Certificate
  • 2019/20 Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2019/20 Teacher of the Year (student body selected)
  • 2018/19 Teacher of the Year (student body selected)

Other Current Involvement:

  • Panel Member for 2019/20 School Accreditation Process (Standard 5: Academics)
  • Standard Leadership Team Member for 2019/20 School-Wide Reevaluation of Standards
  • National Honor Society Committee Member


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