US History Timeline Project

DSC_9324cAs the first week of school draws to a close I want to highlight a project that this year’s US History students have been working on. Armed only with an overarching theme (like Postwar United States) and a bulleted list of topics that we will be discussing in that unit, students were grouped together and asked to create a timeline according to those bullets. They were given the freedom to research specific topics (such as the Cold War) on their own and then incorporate that information into their timeline project.

As I walked around the room I noticed that many extra details were added to their timelines, complete with amazing and fun artwork! I commented to the class, “look what you have learned already and I haven’t yet taught you a thing!”DSC_9325c These timelines, from 18,000 BC to the 1960s, are up on display in our classroom. Please stop by and see what your son or daughter has created! I am very proud of them!

-Mrs. Thomas

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