Let’s Begin

Since graduating from high school almost two decades ago I’ve crisscrossed the country, living the life of a military spouse and mother of three. My family and I have lived near the white, sandy beaches of Florida and in the colorful mountains of Virginia. We’ve lived in New Orleans along the muddy Mississippi River and have survived the floods of Hurricane Katrina. For the last year and a half we have been gallivanting across the peninsula of South Korea, tasting incredible new foods, learning a new language and exploring vast differences in cultures. I have seen and done more than most, and in the process have gained valuable wisdom and experience – both personally and professionally – since leaving my hometown of Tucson, AZ so many years ago.

While here in this beautiful and diverse country I have also completed my student teaching tenure, a requirement all prospective teachers need in order to realize their dream: having a classroom of their own! My international student teaching experience was amazing to say the least, and to this day I carry with me valuable insight, appreciation and understanding that perhaps others do not.

Degree finally obtained, Summa Cum Laude if I may brag a bit, and a final move back to our hometown in the works, I’ve decided to create this website. It marks the beginning of the rest of my life: happily settling down. This site will serve as a platform for my future students and their parents, and will be a hub for me to stay organized and communicate with the public. Within the pages of The History of Humanity you’ll find posts about any and all kinds of history, what’s going on in my class and helpful classroom information.

Let’s begin!

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