These Medieval Monarchs Died In The Most Embarrassing Way Imaginable

581px-king_henry_i_from_npg When we think of British monarchs throughout history, we picture a reserved ruler with a stiff upper lip and a certain sense of dignity. Queen Elizabeth is a perfect example of this, with her tempered smiles and polite waves.

However, you don’t tend to think about these rulers accidentally blowing up themselves with cannons in a bid to impress a girl. Yet, as history has shown us, British monarchs have died in all sorts of embarrassing ways, and the stories are so graphic, that they don’t even tell them in school!

  1. While out hunting with a group of his peers, King William II, son of William The Conquer, was accidentally shot and killed by his friend who was clearly a lackluster huntsman. Everyone panicked, with the friend taking off, and his other compatriots fled back to the castle. William rotted for several days until they came back.
  2. King James II of Scotland was killed by his own cannon, which he decided to stand close to and fire to impress his lady love. His thigh was cut right in half and he bled out immediately.
  3. William the Conquer conquered all sorts of things, like the Saxons. But while on the battlefield, his horse stopped abruptly, jamming the king’s innards against his saddle and rupturing his guts. Yes, he was murdered by his horse.

For more, follow this link to the original article.

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