dsc_9823cWhat high school takes all of their students on a 3-day retreat off campus for unity, collaboration, worship, guest speakers, activities and games? Desert Christian High School in Tucson, AZ does!

dsc_9749cEach year the whole campus, freshmen-seniors, as well as staff and faculty take off for three days around the backside of Mount Lemmon to the Triangle-Y Camp. Here seniors display their leadership capabilities and take on the responsibility of being mentors and group discussion facilitators, life-long skills that they hone throughout the year and into adulthood. Young men carry young lady’s luggage to separate camp grounds; worship time is, dare I say, better than church, and lead by students; small group breakout discussion times work themselves into deep discussions about life and how to embody a Christian spirit; activities challenge their mind, body and soul; and teamwork is displayed in terms of friendly, but determined home room competitions. dsc_9745cThe culmination of three days of reflection, confiding, consulting, playing, eating and worship is a bonfire under the stars, modern Christian songs sung in a cappella, and words of wisdom given by seniors and modeled by the entire student body.

There’s no place like Desert Christian my friends, no place at all. THIS is where you want your children to be educated, to be dsc_9693cnurtured, to learn the skills they’ll need to be successful adults in a changing modern world.

Bathroom Hall Pass

Most teachers have a hall pass that students must take with them while away from the classroom. My mentor teacher used a child’s potty training ring. I took a page from her ingeniousness and decided to go with a plunger (unused, of course.)20160909_095050


This week is our first week at Desert Christian High School. I am super excited to be the US History teacher this year and am looking forward to working with each of you!

In this class each student will create their own websites which will serve as an online portfolio for the year. In this way, you will be able to see at a glance what you have achieved as the year progress and your family will be able to see what you are working on during your time with me.

Our first project will be an “About Me” essay which will serve as your first post on your website. I can’t wait to see what you write!


Mrs. Thomas